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In the back of the game room, a dusty old slot machine sits. The lower half of the machine has been modified, so as to dispense larger items.

Come one, come all, and test your luck. Every spin nets you a prize - will you find yourself with some tricks or some treats?

What is the Slot Machine?

This creepy cowboy-themed Slot Machine sits at the back of the game room, loud and out-of-place amongst the rest of the room's items. Every spin wins a prize - whether or not it's something useful is up for debate. Every so often, casino tokens will show up by your character's bedside. These can be used to play the slot machine.

How do we earn tokens?

ICly, it's a mystery. OOCly, tokens are awarded for every 20-comment thread (10 comments per person) between player characters you submit here. The only threads you cannot submit are those that take place during investigations, trials and motive announcements are eligible for a coin. Threads with NPCs are eligible for coins as well, but these threads must take place in public (i.e. you can't submit any letters/private threads with the Ghost Host for coins).

How do they work?

A token earns you a spin on the slot machine, and every spin earns you a prize. This may be one of your regains, somebody else's regain, or a piece of junk. This is all determined by RNG (there are two item groups, regains and misc. items. each item in those groups has an assigned number. we roll first to see if you're getting a regain or a misc. item, and then we roll to figure out exactly what you're getting.)

Do the threads I use/my coins have to be from this week?

Eligible threads never expire. For example, you can still submit week 1/intro log threads long after those periods end.

Can we use our coins to opt out of death rolls?

Nah. Gambling kills.

My threadmate turned in our thread already. Do I have to turn it in too to get a coin?

How do threads with more than two people work? 

In order to be able to redeem a thread, your character has to have contributed the minimum 10 comments normally in a standard coin thread. For instance, in order for all parties to be able to submit it, a 3-person thread has to be 30+ comments with at least 10 from each person, a 4-person has to be 40+, etc. Any participant with at least 10 comments can submit it for coin so long as the thread is at least 20 comments total.

The character I was threading with died. Can I still get paid for interacting with them? 

Yep! Dead characters can no longer redeem coins, but you can submit the threads anyway.

So who owns this slot machine anyway?

Who knows? It definitely doesn't fit in with the mansion's aesthetic. All we know is that occasionally, when nobody's around, your characters might hear it being used. Other times, they might stumble on to a bonus item that somebody left behind. Seems somebody here is fond of gambling...

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i never get to use this icon you can fight me

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why is he back here after it gave him a hand ??? addiction is a powerful thing

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