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 Room Assignments

The bedrooms are slightly less derelict than the rest of the mansion - if nothing else, you at least have running water and a bathroom/shower in here. Every room also contains an individual dresser than includes a notebook and a pencil, as well as a closet and a trunk to store your personal belongings. It'd almost make you think this was a pretty decent place - until you step outside the room and you notice the cobwebs and dust hanging around the place.

101. Stanford Pines
102. Princess Anna
103. Lefou
104. WALL-E
105. Ping
106. Julia Winterfield
107. Mike Chilton
Tadashi Hamada
109. Anna Sasaki
110. Naminé
111. Fiddleford McGucket
112. Jiminy Cricket
113. Gratuity Tucci
114. Tarzan
115. Queen Elsa
116. Maui
117. Kiara
118. Star Butterfly
119. Demyx
120. Lea
121. Sophie Hatter
122. Karolina Dean
123. Sylvia
124. Wander
125. Wendy Corduroy


An old storage space. Being here for too long unnerves you. There are about twenty KEEP OUT signs posted to the door. 

Fourth Floor

Trophy Room
This room is filled all to wall of taxidermy animals of countless types of animals.  Thankfully or not, all the animals are recognizable so no one has been hunting mystical creatures or aliens. 

Shooting Gallery 
Right next to the trophy room is a shooting gallery.  The wall closest to the door is lined with guns and the targets line the wall on the opposite side.  The guns are just BB guns though, so don't think about killing someone with it unless you want to shoot someone's eye out! 

Bathing Room
Finally something not weird!  The bathing room is divided into two sections: men and woman's, although as long as you're not weird about it there is nothing stopping you from going into any side.  Each half is identical, with a large heated pool in the middle with enough chairs and heated towels to supply an army.  There's also various types of fancy soaps and lotions to get a real spa experience out of this room.

Third Floor

The third floor is mostly compromised of an expansive casino.  Featuring various slots machines, roulette tables, and tables to play various card games.  The slots are free to play, too, so you don't have to worry about using up your precious coins to do some gambling


Near the entrance of the casino there is a full bar, with more alcoholic beverages and mixers  than you could ever drink in your life!  Like the kitchen, it's stocked daily too so you'll never have to worry about running out of 

Laundry Room

Yeah it might be a good idea to finally clean up all that blood and dirt that got on all of your clothes

Second Floor 


A large and ornate ballroom, with a large organ in the corner. Occasionally, it will play on its own.

Music Room 

Covered in dust, some of the instruments you find in here could almost be antiques. 

Seance Room 

This room is littered with tarot cards and dark texts. A crystal ball sits prominently in the middle of the room. 

Billiards Room 

The most defining feature of this room is the large pool table.. Jiminy will still have a heart attack just looking at it.

First Floor

Game Room

This room is filled with dusty old chess boards (the pieces sometimes move when you turn your back) and vintage board games, including everybody's  favorite: Dip Flip! In the corner, there's a dirty old slot machine - care to try your luck? 


A 1950s-style kitchen, alebit it's as run-down as the rest of the place. Surprisingly, the food in here is safe to eat. The cupboards are fully stocked, and the fridge is filled with a decent amount of food, both replenishing overnight.

There is a mirror with a blue frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Study. 


A portrait gallery, featuring paintings of rather ghoulish-looking figures and scenery. Are their eyes following you?


This lounge would honestly look pretty fancy if it weren't for the cobwebs hanging about everywhere. Might be a good place to hold a swinging wake.

There is a mirror with a red frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Conservatory. 


The foyer is simple enough - it leads off into the bedrooms and has quite a number of seating areas scattered about. It's almost a little elegant, despite the creep factor. 

Against one of the walls are 25 biographies - similar to what one might see in a museum. Each biography has a red button next to it - pressing it will play a song associated with the subject of the biography.


Just in case you get too spooked.


A large staircase, leading up to the other floors.


A sitting room that will allow you to enjoy the outside - there are actual windows here, allowing you to see a graveyard outside, but the windows themselves won't break or budge. There's also a door here that similarly can't be broken.

There is a mirror with a red frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Lounge. 


This is a pleasant little workspace, featuring a large clock and a desk with a large amount of writing material. There's a crackling fireplace in the corner that can't seem to be extinguished.

There is a mirror with a blue frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Kitchen. 

Stretching Room

A circular room, with no chambers and no doors there are four very large portraits hanging all around the area. Why do you suppose it's called the stretching room?


Accessed through the conservatory doors, the outside is exactly what it seems like. It's a large outside area, littered by the occasional tombstone (of nobody you guys know) and an expansive forest filled with twisted trees and cawing ravens. It's always an eternal night here, with a constant full moon lingering over the proceedings.

Though it might seem like this is an easy way out, given there's no walls or obvious barriers, walking away from the mansion will eventually just bring you to back to it. Good luck leaving.

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