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round 2 reserves

Round 2 Reserves are CLOSED.

Reserves for Foolish Mortals will open on Friday, September 22nd at 12 PM EST. The Application phase will last for a week, and the game proper will begin on Sunday, October 1st.

Reserves are mandatory for playing in the game/applying, and will be closed off on Thursday, September 28th. We will also close once we hit our maximum capacity of 25 reserves - we will be running the game if we hit a minimum of 13 reserves. There is a one-player per character limit (though proxy reserves are acceptable), all other character restrictions are outlined within our official game FAQ.

Reserves will be screened due to interest in the game. Please do not delete your reserve. If you choose to retract it, please leave a comment in a reply to your reserve.

Want to know more about our game? Please leave us a question on the game FAQ or get in touch with us! Private  message this account, [community profile] foolishmortals or your mods: [ profile] lepowned and [ profile] blankblankity

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