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Apps are currently OPEN. They will close at 11:59 PM EST on June 9th.

We ask that all applications be placed in a comment, and also ask that your app not be shared around/posted to your journals for secrecy.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? please private message this account, [ profile] foolishmortals or [ profile] lepowned

OOC info

Age: Players must be at least 15.
Contact: Plurk preference, but feel free to list whatever smoke signals you might use as well.

IC info

Where does your character stand morally? Feel free to just go DnD alignments for this.

Canon-Point: For plot-reasons, we ask that all characters be alive at the time of their canonpoint. If that means apping your Disney Villain from when they were falling to their death, by all means, feel free! You are welcome to keep this a secret from other players, if you'd like.
Character History: Wiki links welcome! If you don't have a viable link, please write up a very brief history so as to showcase the events your character has been through.
Character Personality: Please give us a small write-up on what makes your character tick, and show us how they could be made to break like a toothpick.
Abilities: Show us what your character can do! All natural abilities, such as gymnastic prowess or culinary talents, will remain unaffected during your character's stay here. While "powers" will be damped within the confines of the mansion, you can also use this section to note how you'd like them to be affected.

Motives: What would drive your character to kill? If your character "wouldn't kill", we'd like you to use this section to provide information on how they'd contribute to the game/how you feel they'd be suited for it?
Regains: Please list up to five material regains here that your character could possibly regain as time goes on. Nothing too big and no complex weapons/machines, please.

Would you be like your character to have a plot-intensive role?: To clarify, your mod is looking for 2-3 characters in the cast who'd be interested in taking on a major role within the game's plot, but can't specify anything else beyond that time. If you're interested in taking on these roles, please note so here! This includes moles/killswitches, among other things, and would require a good deal of activity from you.
Would you like to volunteer to have your character be involved in a case?: While case involvement is decided by RNG, if you are specifically looking to have your character involved, please note so here and I'll try to accommodate you! To that end, do you have any preferences as to when your case would be or if you'd prefer your character to be a killer/victim?
Do you have any other notes/concerns for your character that you'd like to mention here?:

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