grimgrinningghosts: (doom)
Foolish Mortals Mod Account ([personal profile] grimgrinningghosts) wrote 2017-04-29 04:30 am (UTC)

Welcome to your Doom, Duke of Detroit.

For as clean and pristine as DOOMTown might appear to be, there's a place within the walls of the city that is rumored to be haunted. Nobody seems to have stepped foot in that old abandoned cartoon studio in years, and gossip floats around the city. They say the place is filled with all sorts of foul specters, and that it's where The Judge likes to keep those he wants to have a close eye on. That's where you'll find yourself waking up one day.

Thank you for joining us at the first-ever Foolish Mortals mock trial! Please make sure to keep a close eye on our plurk at [ profile] foolishmortals for any updates. We have prepared an OOC mingle for you, and we will be posting an IC mingle on [community profile] foolishmortals next Sunday, May 7th. Thank you once again, and we hope you have fun!

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