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mock trial reserves

Mock Trial Reserves are currently CLOSED. They will open a little after 1 PM (EST) on Friday, April 28th.

After some brief consideration, we at the Foolish Mortals mod team have decided to host an official Mock Trial. Reserves for the mock trial will open on Friday, April 28th. This will emulate an actual week of the game itself - a mock trial mingle will be opened on Sunday, May 7th. The actual investigation/trial will be conducted on Friday and Saturday, May 12-13.

This trial is, of course, not game canon.  Applications are not required, and this will not affect your ability to get into the main round proper. This is mainly to get new players comfortable with the tagging speed/demands that murdergames have, as well as allowing them to voicetest muses at a more "realistic" pace than our traditional TDM. To encourage player participation, our mock trial will have a secret golden ending that can be unlocked through active participation in the trial and mingle/player deduction.

Reserves are mandatory for playing in the mock trial, and will be closed off on Saturday, May 6th. We will also close once we hit our mock trial capacity of 25 reserves - we will be running the mock trial if we hit a minimum of 13 reserves. There is a one-player per character limit, all other character restrictions are outlined within our official game FAQ.

Please do not delete your reserve. If you choose to retract it, please leave a comment in a reply to your reserve.
Want to know more about our mock trial? Please leave us a question on the game FAQ or get in touch with us! Private message this account, [community profile] foolishmortals or your mods: [ profile] lepowned and [ profile] blankblankity.

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