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ic rules

Jun. 13th, 2017 02:19 pm
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1. The temporary living residents of our manor shall be allowed to explored at their own leisure, and their needs will be readily fulfilled. Their comfort is of the utmost importance.

2. These residents shall only be allowed to sleep in the rooms that are provided for them. Management is not responsible for any otherworldly possession or other pranks that might occur from doing otherwise.

3. Violence against your fellow residents is permitted. There is to be no interference from the spirits on this.

4. If, however, you attempt to destroy parts of mansion walls or attack it's naturally-occurring residents, expect a great deal of resistance.

5. The death of a resident could allow for your temporary residency here to end, so long as the guilty party is not discovered.

6. Residents need only to speak aloud and request the presence of their Host for him to appear. All conversation with him is confidential.


8. No flash pictures, please! We spirits are frightfully sensitive to bright lights.


Jun. 8th, 2017 11:52 am
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In the back of the game room, a dusty old slot machine sits. The lower half of the machine has been modified, so as to dispense larger items.

Come one, come all, and test your luck. Every spin nets you a prize - will you find yourself with some tricks or some treats?

What is the Slot Machine?

This creepy cowboy-themed Slot Machine sits at the back of the game room, loud and out-of-place amongst the rest of the room's items. Every spin wins a prize - whether or not it's something useful is up for debate. Every so often, casino tokens will show up by your character's bedside. These can be used to play the slot machine.

How do we earn tokens?

ICly, it's a mystery. OOCly, tokens are awarded for every 20-comment thread (10 comments per person) between player characters you submit here. The only threads you cannot submit are those that take place during investigations, trials and motive announcements are eligible for a coin. Threads with NPCs are eligible for coins as well, but these threads must take place in public (i.e. you can't submit any letters/private threads with the Ghost Host for coins).

How do they work?

A token earns you a spin on the slot machine, and every spin earns you a prize. This may be one of your regains, somebody else's regain, or a piece of junk. This is all determined by RNG (there are two item groups, regains and misc. items. each item in those groups has an assigned number. we roll first to see if you're getting a regain or a misc. item, and then we roll to figure out exactly what you're getting.)

Do the threads I use/my coins have to be from this week?

Eligible threads never expire. For example, you can still submit week 1/intro log threads long after those periods end.

Can we use our coins to opt out of death rolls?

Nah. Gambling kills.

My threadmate turned in our thread already. Do I have to turn it in too to get a coin?

How do threads with more than two people work? 

In order to be able to redeem a thread, your character has to have contributed the minimum 10 comments normally in a standard coin thread. For instance, in order for all parties to be able to submit it, a 3-person thread has to be 30+ comments with at least 10 from each person, a 4-person has to be 40+, etc. Any participant with at least 10 comments can submit it for coin so long as the thread is at least 20 comments total.

The character I was threading with died. Can I still get paid for interacting with them? 

Yep! Dead characters can no longer redeem coins, but you can submit the threads anyway.

So who owns this slot machine anyway?

Who knows? It definitely doesn't fit in with the mansion's aesthetic. All we know is that occasionally, when nobody's around, your characters might hear it being used. Other times, they might stumble on to a bonus item that somebody left behind. Seems somebody here is fond of gambling...


Jun. 8th, 2017 12:01 am
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 Room Assignments

The bedrooms are slightly less derelict than the rest of the mansion - if nothing else, you at least have running water and a bathroom/shower in here. Every room also contains an individual dresser than includes a notebook and a pencil, as well as a closet and a trunk to store your personal belongings. It'd almost make you think this was a pretty decent place - until you step outside the room and you notice the cobwebs and dust hanging around the place.

101. Stanford Pines
102. Princess Anna
103. Lefou
104. WALL-E
105. Ping
106. Julia Winterfield
107. Mike Chilton
Tadashi Hamada
109. Anna Sasaki
110. Naminé
111. Fiddleford McGucket
112. Jiminy Cricket
113. Gratuity Tucci
114. Tarzan
115. Queen Elsa
116. Maui
117. Kiara
118. Star Butterfly
119. Demyx
120. Lea
121. Sophie Hatter
122. Karolina Dean
123. Sylvia
124. Wander
125. Wendy Corduroy


An old storage space. Being here for too long unnerves you. There are about twenty KEEP OUT signs posted to the door. 

Fourth Floor

Trophy Room
This room is filled all to wall of taxidermy animals of countless types of animals.  Thankfully or not, all the animals are recognizable so no one has been hunting mystical creatures or aliens. 

Shooting Gallery 
Right next to the trophy room is a shooting gallery.  The wall closest to the door is lined with guns and the targets line the wall on the opposite side.  The guns are just BB guns though, so don't think about killing someone with it unless you want to shoot someone's eye out! 

Bathing Room
Finally something not weird!  The bathing room is divided into two sections: men and woman's, although as long as you're not weird about it there is nothing stopping you from going into any side.  Each half is identical, with a large heated pool in the middle with enough chairs and heated towels to supply an army.  There's also various types of fancy soaps and lotions to get a real spa experience out of this room.

Third Floor

The third floor is mostly compromised of an expansive casino.  Featuring various slots machines, roulette tables, and tables to play various card games.  The slots are free to play, too, so you don't have to worry about using up your precious coins to do some gambling


Near the entrance of the casino there is a full bar, with more alcoholic beverages and mixers  than you could ever drink in your life!  Like the kitchen, it's stocked daily too so you'll never have to worry about running out of 

Laundry Room

Yeah it might be a good idea to finally clean up all that blood and dirt that got on all of your clothes

Second Floor 


A large and ornate ballroom, with a large organ in the corner. Occasionally, it will play on its own.

Music Room 

Covered in dust, some of the instruments you find in here could almost be antiques. 

Seance Room 

This room is littered with tarot cards and dark texts. A crystal ball sits prominently in the middle of the room. 

Billiards Room 

The most defining feature of this room is the large pool table.. Jiminy will still have a heart attack just looking at it.

First Floor

Game Room

This room is filled with dusty old chess boards (the pieces sometimes move when you turn your back) and vintage board games, including everybody's  favorite: Dip Flip! In the corner, there's a dirty old slot machine - care to try your luck? 


A 1950s-style kitchen, alebit it's as run-down as the rest of the place. Surprisingly, the food in here is safe to eat. The cupboards are fully stocked, and the fridge is filled with a decent amount of food, both replenishing overnight.

There is a mirror with a blue frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Study. 


A portrait gallery, featuring paintings of rather ghoulish-looking figures and scenery. Are their eyes following you?


This lounge would honestly look pretty fancy if it weren't for the cobwebs hanging about everywhere. Might be a good place to hold a swinging wake.

There is a mirror with a red frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Conservatory. 


The foyer is simple enough - it leads off into the bedrooms and has quite a number of seating areas scattered about. It's almost a little elegant, despite the creep factor. 

Against one of the walls are 25 biographies - similar to what one might see in a museum. Each biography has a red button next to it - pressing it will play a song associated with the subject of the biography.


Just in case you get too spooked.


A large staircase, leading up to the other floors.


A sitting room that will allow you to enjoy the outside - there are actual windows here, allowing you to see a graveyard outside, but the windows themselves won't break or budge. There's also a door here that similarly can't be broken.

There is a mirror with a red frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Lounge. 


This is a pleasant little workspace, featuring a large clock and a desk with a large amount of writing material. There's a crackling fireplace in the corner that can't seem to be extinguished.

There is a mirror with a blue frame in the corner. Staring at this mirror for up to five seconds will cause the viewer to become briefly disoriented and send them to the Kitchen. 

Stretching Room

A circular room, with no chambers and no doors there are four very large portraits hanging all around the area. Why do you suppose it's called the stretching room?


Accessed through the conservatory doors, the outside is exactly what it seems like. It's a large outside area, littered by the occasional tombstone (of nobody you guys know) and an expansive forest filled with twisted trees and cawing ravens. It's always an eternal night here, with a constant full moon lingering over the proceedings.

Though it might seem like this is an easy way out, given there's no walls or obvious barriers, walking away from the mansion will eventually just bring you to back to it. Good luck leaving.

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Please comment below with information for your Participant bio. Patricipant bios consist of a brief description/biography of your character (all truthful information - even if it's not something your character knows), three icons, and a link to a fitting song (Disney or otherwise - your choice).

This information
 (including the song!) is public knowledge to in-game characters.


Code by [community profile] bannertech.
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Round 1 Reserves are CLOSED.

Reserves for Foolish Mortals will open on Friday, June 2nd. The Application phase will last for a week, and the game proper will begin on Sunday, June 11th.

Reserves are mandatory for playing in the game/applying, and will be closed off on Thursday, June 8th. We will also close once we hit our maximum capacity of 25 reserves - we will be running the game if we hit a minimum of 13 reserves. There is a one-player per character limit, all other character restrictions are outlined within our official game FAQ.

Please do not delete your reserve. If you choose to retract it, please leave a comment in a reply to your reserve.

Want to know more about our game? Please leave us a question on the game FAQ or get in touch with us! Private message this account, [community profile] foolishmortals or your mods: [ profile] lepowned and [ profile] blankblankity.

Player Name:
Player Contact:
Character Name:


Sophie Hatter | Howl's Moving Castle (Ghibli) | Michi
Queen Elsa | Frozen | Kiyuu
Princess Anna | Frozen | Mika
Wendy Corduroy | Gravity Falls | Drizz
Fiddleford McGucket | Gravity Falls | Inkwell
Stanford Pines |
 Gravity Falls | Jo
Julia Winterfield | Rock It! | r
Maui | Moana | Asher
Gratuity Tucci | The True Meaning of Smekday | Gray
Jiminy Cricket | Pinocchio | Nerdie
Star Butterfly | Star vs. The Forces of Evil | Groove
Tarzan | Tarzan | Lepo
Tadashi Hamada | Big Hero 6 | Daimon
Mike Chilton | Motorcity | Ash!
WALL-E | WALL-E | Taku
Fa Mulan | Mulan | Mandy
LeFou | Beauty and the Beast (2017) | Ri
Anna Sasaki | When Marnie Was There (Ghibli) | Yue
Demyx | Kingdom Hearts | Nick
Namine | Kingdom Hearts | Michelle
Lea | Kingdom Hearts | Art
Karolina Dean | Marvel Comics | Lyndon
Wander | Wander Over Yonder | Nara
Sylvia | Wander Over Yonder| Blank
Kiara | The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride | Einir

(canons in bold are at cast cap)
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Mock Trial Reserves are now CLOSED.

After some brief consideration, we at the Foolish Mortals mod team have decided to host an official Mock Trial. Reserves for the mock trial will open on Friday, April 28th. This will emulate an actual week of the game itself - a mock trial mingle will be opened on Sunday, May 7th. The actual investigation/trial will be conducted on Friday and Saturday, May 12-13.

This trial is, of course, not game canon.  Applications are not required, and this will not affect your ability to get into the main round proper. This is mainly to get new players comfortable with the tagging speed/demands that murdergames have, as well as allowing them to voicetest muses at a more "realistic" pace than our traditional TDM. To encourage player participation, our mock trial will have a secret golden ending that can be unlocked through active participation in the trial and mingle/player deduction.

Reserves are mandatory for playing in the mock trial, and will be closed off on Saturday, May 6th. We will also close once we hit our mock trial capacity of 25 reserves - we will be running the mock trial if we hit a minimum of 13 reserves. There is a one-player per character limit, all other character restrictions are outlined within our official game FAQ.

Please do not delete your reserve. If you choose to retract it, please leave a comment in a reply to your reserve.
Want to know more about our mock trial? Please leave us a question on the game FAQ or get in touch with us! Private message this account, [community profile] foolishmortals or your mods: [ profile] lepowned and [ profile] blankblankity.

Player Name:
Player Contact:
Character Name:


Lord Hater | Wander Over Yonder | Quix
Miss Bianca | The Rescuers | Jisu
Jiminy Cricket | Pinocchio | Nerdie
Tadashi Hamada | Big Hero 6 | Daimon
Rapunzel | Tangled | Witty
Ariel | The Little Mermaid | Trek
David Xanatos | Gargoyles | Jess
Star Butterfly | Star vs. The Forces of Evil | Groove
Roxas | Kingdom Hearts | Silas
Aqua | Kingdom Hearts | Michelle
Ansem | Kingdom Hearts | Ana
Fiddleford McGucket | Gravity Falls | Inkwell
Wendy Corduroy | Gravity Falls | Drizz
Queen Elsa | Frozen | Kiyuu
Princess Anna | Frozen | Ni
The Duke of Detroit | Motorcity | Lyndon
Basil | The Great Mouse Detective | Zara
WALL-E | WALL-E | Taku
Charlotte La Bouff | Princess and the Frog | Sam
Gratuity Tucci | The True Meaning of Smekday | Gray
Troy Bolton | High School Musical | r
Kimberly Ann Hart | Power Rangers | Ashley
Maui | Moana | Asher
Moana | Moana | Jen
Finn | Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Mikki
Perry The Platypus | Phineas and Ferb | Blank (mod char)
Edgar Balthazar | The Aristocats | Lepo (mod char)

(bold = canon cast cap reached)


Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:16 pm
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Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host, your... ghost host. Kindly step all the way in please and make room for everyone. There's no turning back now.

I apologize for the interruption, but there's no doubt we could use your assistance. After all, while we may offer delightful tours here, what is a tour without ghosts? Luckily, it seems you fit the bill quite nicely.

Oh, yes, I do suppose you are currently tied to your corruptible mortal state. No matter, those things fix themselves in due time. You see, I suppose we can make a game out of it. For you see, try as you might to escape, you'll find yourself confined to our happy little home for the rest of your days. Of course, there's nothing preventing you from attempting an escape. But, I must warn you, you'll have trouble finding a way out!

...Of course, there's always my way.

Foolish Mortals is a short-term Disney-themed murdergame, and it will be conducted in the manner of the many murdergames that have come before it. In this case, our happy home draws it's primary inspiration from Dangan Roleplay.

The catch is that this is a Disney romp, and only characters from Disney and Disney-owned media will be allowed to join our happy haunts here.

Your characters will find themselves in a dusty old Haunted Mansion, and greeted by a mysterious Ghost Host. From there, he offers you a chilling challenge: if your character can get away with murder, they will be allowed to leave the mansion.

...Any volunteers?


So, how does this work?

Foolish Mortals is a community-based game, with daily threading and tags taking place in a weekly mod-posted log. Players are both welcome and encouraged to put up their own logs for special events (parties, weddings, the occasional public display of humiliation). Every Friday, a murder will be committed, and a investigation log will be posted to allow players to investigate these deaths. On Saturday, a trial log will be posted. Should this go well, an execution log will be posted for the culprit on either Saturday night or Sunday morning, depending how long the trial went.

How long will the game last?

The game is being projected to last anywhere from a month to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of players that apply to the game.

OOC Day = 1 IC Day. Threads that are posted Monday take place on Monday, and the like. This is with the exception of trials/investigations. Investigation Logs are posted on Friday, while Trial Logs are posted on Saturday. ICly, these take place on Friday.

When are reserves/apps opening/what are important dates?

Reserves will open on June 2nd.
Applications will open on June 3rd, or should we hit the reserve limit, be opened ASAP on June 2nd.
Reserves will close on June 8th, and Apps will close on June 10th. Applications will begin processing on the 8th. 
The game shall open on June 11th, with an Intro Log posted on that day.

No murder shall be committed the first week.

Is there a character cap?

Foolish Mortals will be running at a maximum of 25 characters, but is designed to run with a base minimum of 13. One character per player.

In addition, there are three characters allowed per "main" canon and with a hard cap of 2 characters allowed per "supplementary" canons. In this case, the Disney movie Peter Pan would be a "main" canon. Whereas franchises like Kingdom Hearts, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars would classify as "supplementary" canons. More on that later.

Sounds great! How do I app?

If you're interested in joining our haunting spree, you'll need to post a reserve when they go up. When reserves open, they will remain open until we hit 25 reserves. Reserves are mandatory, and a reserve link will need to be provided in your game application. One reserve per comment, and you can change your reserve before you app, provided you do so before submitting your application.

Should you be unable to make it to reserves at the time they open, proxy reserves (i.e. reserves posted for another player) are allowed. In this case, the player being reserved for has 24 hours to confirm their reserve by replying to it. If they do not comment by this time, the reserve will be discarded. (We also ask that a player only post one proxy reserve, as a common courtesy).

There will be no app/reserve challenges accepted. Foolish Mortals operates on a first-come first-serve basis. The player who first put in a reserve for a character/canon will be entitled to it. If this occurs, the modteam will ask the second player if they'd like to change their reserve.

...So, Disney characters, huh?

Foolish Mortals is accepting characters who hail from Disney and Pixar canons, as well as certain "supplementary" characters, within reason. Essentially, "main canons" classify as media explicitly released under the Disney banner.

"Supplementary" canons, in this case, are Disney-owned properties that fit in decently well with this guideline. These include, but are not limited to:

* Once Up A Time
* Kingdom Hearts
* Marvel Comics/Marvel Cinematic Universe
* The Muppets

...Disney owns a lot of things, and certain canons may not be allowed despite this. For example, Disney distributed Kill Bill, but we're certainly not allowing The Bride. Common guideline: if you think they'd fit in well at the Disney theme parks, they'd be fine here. Feel free to ask if you're unsure.

Any other character limitations?

The general rule is that your character should be able to be killed by other characters. Due to the game's overarching plot, we also ask that characters be alive at the time of their canonpoint. If this means you're pulling your Disney Villain mid-fall to their doom, we're perfectly okay with that!

In addition, we also ask that characters have the ability to communicate effectively and have a degree of sentience. As trials and investigations have a hallmark of being based around fast-paced communication, we ask that your character be able to quickly communicate with each other, through whatever means they can. Pluto can't come and just bark at people the whole time.

Large characters (i.e. Tamatoa, Julius) are allowed, but should be either humanized or resized in order to allow for the possibility of other players. Characters with magic/superpowers are acceptable, but will have their abilities either dampened or removed for the duration of the game.


Alright, I'm interested. What's the activity like?

If you're familiar with the murdergame genre, this section is going to sound very familiar to you.

Murdergames are pretty fast-paced and time-consuming beasts, and Foolish Mortals is no exception. Activity checks are done weekly after every trial, and consist of at least two ten-comment threads with two different characters. Additional activity will likely be needed from you should you make it to the more plot-intensive sections of our romp (i.e. players who make it to endgame will need to be especially active in those final segments of the game). While your ghost hosts are lenient, failing activity check more than once could be cause for your character to get deathrolled early - please let us know if there will be any issues and we'll try to work something out! 

What if I need to drop out of the game early?

Your ghost hosts strongly advise you that if you have a prior commitment that might interfere with your participation in the game, that you seriously consider whether you can allot time for Foolish Mortals in your schedule. Obviously, things happen and we're more than understanding of that fact. But disappearing players with such a small playerpool will mess with our plot and what we want to do with this game - if something comes up and you need to exit the game early, we strongly encourage you to get in contact with us ASAP so we can work out a way to have your character exit the game.

...So how about that murder?

Right. Murder is happening.

On Sunday, deathrolls will take place in order to determine who will be a part of the murder that week. Two (or more??) players will be contacted, and should both agree, they will have a week to plan for the ghastly deeds that will occur. If players volunteer to be murdered ahead of time or specify this on their app, we will do our best to schedule you, and you may be contacted in advance.

On Tuesday, the mansion's residents will gather in the foyer and an incentive shall be announced. This incentive shall be decided by the players conducting the murder, and may not actually have anything to do with the murder itself. Who knows?

On Friday, one or more bodies will be discovered. Over the next 24 hours, mods will lead the mansion's resident in a search for clues that were laid out by the two players involved in the case.

On Saturday, a trial will be held. ICly, this will take place on Friday shortly after the body investigation. Trials will be held on Saturday OOCly in order to avoid exhaustion from the playerbase. During the trial, the mansion's residents shall discuss their clues and attempt to figure out who committed the crime. At the end of the trial, or whenever your host deems it necessary, a vote shall be called where players input who they believe committed this crime. Majority rules here.

Depending on how the players vote, the players will either be subjected to a bad ending or the culprit will be executed. We'll be going out of our way to make sure each and every case is solvable, and there hasn't been a murdergame yet that has had a bad ending. In the unlikely case that that happens, we'll be providing one save.

Is there any way to get items from home?

If you're good about your stay within our happy home, you might be rewarded. I suppose you'll find your answer in Madame Leota's chambers.


1 - Code of Conduct

While murdergames have a degree of competitiveness, we ask that you maintain a degree of respectful conduct towards your fellow players. Believe me, we super appreciate the occasional tease, but please don't cross the border into antagonism. Our doors are always open if you have a problem with another player. 

This is also a good place to mention that your character is likely going to die, and we ask that you come into the game prepared to play with that possibility. There are only a small handful of characters that survive each round. As a result, please do not come into the game with the mindset/attitude of trying to "win", if that makes sense.

2 - Sensitive Subjects

In that same vein, we ask that you please keep an eye on what you're saying to other players ICly. It's a murdergame, and we love talking about some fucked-up shit! If that content is warned for and players treat it with mature attitudes, you should be good to go. However, making light of any sort of triggering subject (rape, abuse, etc) could be grounds to being ejected from the game. It's Disney, we shouldn't need to be warning about this. Stay in character.

3 - Role Spoilers

If your character has been given a role in the game, please keep it a secret from your fellow players! This includes victims, culprits, moles and more. Everything will come to light eventually.

4 - Canon Spoilers

Due to the nature of murdergames, major spoilers from each character's canon will likely come into play, and players are not required to warn for them. Friendly reminder that it's Disney, and it'd be really dumb if you got angry about Beauty and the Beast getting spoiled for you.

5 - Backseat Gaming/Spectating

As murdergames tend to be gripping, a lot of people are drawn to watching and commenting on events that take place within the game. That's perfectly fine and dandy, so long as the spectators stay within their rights. Publicly speculating on modplurks, pinging players so they can fulfill trial requirements, anything that goes beyond spectating and into trying to moderate the playerbase.

If you notice this happening and haven't seen a mod approach the user in question, please let us know. This behavior is not acceptable, and we won't hesitate to warn the offending user. If it persists, the offending users could be barred from future rounds of the game, or end up blocked by the modplurk.

While this has only been an issue with players who are not a part of the game so far, the same goes for people who've applied to the game as well. Obviously you can ping your fellow players during trials/investigations if you have a question that might help out with the trial and whatnot. But please don't moderate your fellow players to the point where they're uncomfortable.

6 - No flash pictures, please!

We spirits are frightfully sensitive to bright lights.

7 - Anything else?

If you have any questions, please ask them down below! You can also contact your mods at 
[ profile] foolishmortals


Feb. 22nd, 2017 04:43 am
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Fiddleford McGucket

Sophie Hatter

Anna Sasaki




Tadashi Hamada

Wendy Corduroy


Jiminy Cricket

Gratuity Tucci


Ford Pines

Queen Elsa



Mike Chilton

Julia Winterfield

Star Butterfly

Princess Anna


Karolina Dean




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Apps are currently OPEN. They will close at 11:59 PM EST on June 9th.

We ask that all applications be placed in a comment, and also ask that your app not be shared around/posted to your journals for secrecy.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? please private message this account, [ profile] foolishmortals or [ profile] lepowned

OOC info

Age: Players must be at least 15.
Contact: Plurk preference, but feel free to list whatever smoke signals you might use as well.

IC info

Where does your character stand morally? Feel free to just go DnD alignments for this.

Canon-Point: For plot-reasons, we ask that all characters be alive at the time of their canonpoint. If that means apping your Disney Villain from when they were falling to their death, by all means, feel free! You are welcome to keep this a secret from other players, if you'd like.
Character History: Wiki links welcome! If you don't have a viable link, please write up a very brief history so as to showcase the events your character has been through.
Character Personality: Please give us a small write-up on what makes your character tick, and show us how they could be made to break like a toothpick.
Abilities: Show us what your character can do! All natural abilities, such as gymnastic prowess or culinary talents, will remain unaffected during your character's stay here. While "powers" will be damped within the confines of the mansion, you can also use this section to note how you'd like them to be affected.

Motives: What would drive your character to kill? If your character "wouldn't kill", we'd like you to use this section to provide information on how they'd contribute to the game/how you feel they'd be suited for it?
Regains: Please list up to five material regains here that your character could possibly regain as time goes on. Nothing too big and no complex weapons/machines, please.

Would you be like your character to have a plot-intensive role?: To clarify, your mod is looking for 2-3 characters in the cast who'd be interested in taking on a major role within the game's plot, but can't specify anything else beyond that time. If you're interested in taking on these roles, please note so here! This includes moles/killswitches, among other things, and would require a good deal of activity from you.
Would you like to volunteer to have your character be involved in a case?: While case involvement is decided by RNG, if you are specifically looking to have your character involved, please note so here and I'll try to accommodate you! To that end, do you have any preferences as to when your case would be or if you'd prefer your character to be a killer/victim?
Do you have any other notes/concerns for your character that you'd like to mention here?:


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